Main Products

Maddux primarily engage in the manufacturing of rims and components, with a strong focus on exporting to multiple countries. We are a professional bicycle wheel rim manufacturing factory. Since our establishment, we have always upheld the principles of "professionalism" and "quality" as our core business philosophy. We consider quality as our top priority in every product we produce, and we are dedicated to providing fast and satisfactory service as the ultimate belief for every customer.

About Jalco/Maddux

Founded in 1986
Mainly engaged in the manufacture of rims (spare parts), which are exported to many countries,is a professional rim manufacturer.



Our company actively pursues innovation and continuously strives for breakthroughs. We constantly improve the rim technology and introduce professional production equipment. We manufacture products with excellent materials and striking designs, earning the favor of customers both domestically and internationally.
Tension - Torsion Stability System
  • High quality wheel with stable spoke tension.
  • The patents of USA and Germany.
Technology of Jalco/Maddux
  • Maddux Triangle-drilled hole technology, called MTD tec.
  • Special process for weldeds rims.
  • Anti - Separation applied in hookless rims.
UST approved by Mavic since 2005


We have recently participated in multiple bicycle-related exhibitions, showcasing our latest products and technological innovations. Additionally, we have provided relevant case studies and shared industry knowledge to help customers gain a deeper understanding of the trends and challenges in the bicycle industry.

May 15,2024
Eurobike 2024 : latest news and highlights from the world's biggest cycling show
Date: 2023/3/22~2023/3/25

Feb 14,2024
Date : 2024/3/6~2024/3/9 
Jan 30,2023
Date: 2023/3/22~2023/3/25
Aug 25,2022
Eurobike 2022 : latest news and highlights from the world’s biggest cycling show

Exhibition Message

We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in various bicycle-related exhibitions and share our bike rim products and technological innovations with industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Case Study

These case are a part of our commitment to providing customers with the best solutions. By sharing these real-life examples, we aim to give customers a deeper understanding of how our products meet diverse needs and overcome various challenges.